'The Romantic Age Of Steam'

'The Romantic Age Of Steam'

A super set of 'The Romantic Age Of Steam' collectors plates by Edwin M. Knowles China Company. Set of 16 Limited Edition plates. Absolutely beautiful!
£4 each or £50 the set

Vintage tape measure

Vintage tape measure

Super vintage brass cased tape measure, 33ft. Really lovely. Would look great as part of a display.
Diameter: 2.75 inches

Treen pot

Treen pot

Very pretty little Treen screw topped pot, very collectable.
H: 3.25 inches
W: 2.75 inches

J.S&S brass tea caddy

J.S&S brass tea caddy

Very pretty solid brass tea caddy by J.S&S. A really lovely example.
Very collectable!
H: 4.5 inches

Vintage Dagenite advertising sign

Vintage Dagenite advertising signs

Two Vintage Dagenite car battery 'Fit it and forget it' advertising signs. Whether you are a collector or not, these would look great in many settings, as interior art, outdoor, the man/woman shed......anywhere!
H: 15 inches
W: 18 inches

Dartmouth urns

Dartmouth urns

A pair of Dartmouth urns, a plant in each would look great!
H: 7 inches
W: 4.5 inches

Portmeirion planter

Portmeirion Planter

A very beautiful and collectable Portmeirion - The Botanic Garden, Treasure Flower Planter.
Would look lovely in any room in the house!
H: 17cm
W: 21cm

Commemorative mugs

Commemorative mugs & cups

A selection of commemorative mugs and cups from the Coronation in 1937 to the Silver Jubilee 1977, a collectors dream!

Hot car magazines

Hot car magazines

Hot car magazines, 4 binders, £12 each.

Sun lamp

Vi-Tan sunlamp

A quirky collectors item, vintage Vi-Tan sunlamp in wooden case. Would make a great display piece.
H: 13.5 inches
D: 9 inches
W: 6.5 inches

Royal Doulton tea set

Royal Doulton Oxford Green tea set

This very collectable elegant set consists of 6 cups, 6 saucers & 6 plates. Perfect for those summer tea parties in the garden!.......or any time of year indoors!

Great War mags

The Second Great War Magazines Complete Set Issues 1-104

Superb collectors item!
Here we have a full set of The Second Great War magazines - issues 1 through to 104.

 All in good condition - apart from 3 which have had an advert cut from the very back page (issues 10, 44 50) as shown.

Chalk figurines

Toto & Nenette chalk figurines

Delightful chalk figurines, Toto & Nenette. The registered number on the back RD789006 dates them to 1933 with a factory number 200 OP. Would look great anywhere in the house.


Vintage rowlocks

3 lovely vintage boat oar rowlocks. Could be used for their intended purpose or for something else.........

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